Data Integration Workshop

We help reduce data integration option fatigue with insights, perspectives, team activities, and facilitated collaboration.



Decisions. Decisions. Decisions. We make them every moment of the day, but the possibilities can simply be overwhelming when you start down the path of deciding on a modern data stack and associated data integration approaches and tooling.

The Workshop

The Data Integration Workshop is an interactive, two hour experience for you and your team where we will provide you with a high value, vendor-neutral sounding board to help you accelerate your data integration decision-making process, and selection. Based on our experience, we'll talk through best fit options for both on premise and cloud-based data sources and approaches to address a wide range of requirements.

Who's It For

In our opinion, anyone that would benefit from learning and interacting with the team and gaining a better understanding of what approaches, solutions, and tools are available in the data integration space and how to best address your specific integration requirements. Participants could include technology and business stakeholders. 

What You'll Learn

This workshop will help you size up the challenge and understand what is top of mind for other organizations. We'll also review your individual use cases and data integration requirements plus put the market into context for you by category and types of tools and approaches. We'll also work with you to map use cases, requirements, and best fit and discuss how to best make decisions in this area. 

What You'll Get

Here are a few things you can expect to receive after the workshop is complete:

  • Use Case Mapping Chart

  • Value/Risk Matrix

  • Use Case and Tool Fit

  • Use Case Detail

  • Our Slides & Workshop Artifacts

  • Experience-Based Perspectives and Insights

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