Snowflake Data Profiler

Statistical analysis of your Snowflake tables for better overall data quality

What if you could proactively discover data quality issues?

What records are missing key information?

Do I have any duplicate records?

and more...

Hashmap on Tap | Episode 36

Digging Into Data Quality & Snowflake Data Profiler

Hashmap hosts, Kelly Kohlleffel and Randy Pitcher, explain common problems they see with data quality, how to effectively identify data quality issues, how they build relevant tools to accelerate your data outcomes, and introduce Snowflake Data Profiler.


Hashmap Engr & Tech Blog

How to Get a Snowflake Data Quality Assessment in 60 Seconds

Snowflake Data Profiler is a safe and secure way to quickly gain a greater understanding of both the data quality and hidden relationships of your Snowflake data.

Hashmap Megabytes

Episode 7

Snowflake Data Profiler


Hashmap Engr & Tech Blog

How We Automated Snowflake Data Profiler

with a combination of GitHub, unit testing, and CircleCI

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