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Snowflake 101

Get to know Snowflake! We provide an interactive, hands on introduction to Snowflake and key usability features while also discussing best practices to make the most of your Snowflake environment.



The Workshop

Snowflake 101 Enablement is an interactive, hands on, two-hour experience for you and your team to help understand your Snowflake environment and how to make the most of it. We'll talk through key features and make sure everyone has a good understanding of Snowflake best practices.

Who's It For

This workshop is for any organizations that are looking to accelerate their Snowflake knowledge or are using Snowflake for the first time. We provide a thorough introduction to Snowflake, demonstrate key features, and provide best practices to make the most of your Snowflake environment. 

Snowflake 101 class sizes can range from 5-10 and we've had classes of more than 50 - let us know what works best for you.

What You'll Learn

We will provide you with ideas and best practices built over 4 years of Snowflake experience plus you'll work with us in a hands-on lab experience learning practical approaches that can be implemented immediately in your Snowflake environment. As a trusted Snowflake Partner we provide you with the best practices, tools, and resources to get the highest value from Snowflake.

101 Lab Exercises

  1. Prepping Snowflake for data load

  2. Load structured data via different sized warehouses

  3. Running analytical queries

  4. Utilizing resultset caching

  5. Cloning tables

  6. Loading semi-structured data

  7. Creating views on raw semi-structured data

  8. Queries joining structured and semi-structured data

  9. Time travel

  10. RBAC

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