Snowflake Enablement & Training

Get to know Snowflake! We provide an interactive, hands-on, 5-day approach for participants to get a full understanding of Snowflake from an introductory level through to a graduate-level deep dive for power users.


Here is the training plan for this immersive, 5-day Snowflake Training & Enablement service offering:

Day 1

0 to Snowflake

Snowflake Data Cloud Platform Introduction
(Up to 25 people)

  • Overview of Snowflake

  • Cloud Data Platform (UI, key architectural features)

  • Hands-on Lab for an end to end  perspective: 

    • Stages & Warehouses

    • Data Loading

    • Data Querying

Day 2

Snowflake Data Objects: Deep Dive

Designing data schemas

(Up to 25 people)

  • Object types supported by Snowflake

  • Storage management within Snowflake

  • ‘Zero-Copy’ cloning

  • Time travel with Snowflake

Day 3

Data Movement with Snowflake

Designing Ingestion & Extraction

(Up to 25 people)

  • Data formats

  • Staging data (internal vs. external)

  • Bulk load vs. continuous load

  • Stream data ingestion

  • Data Unload

Day 4

Data Processing with Snowflake

Designing processing & workflow

(Up to 15 people)

  • Query patterns 

  • Caching 

  • Query history 

  • Stored Procedures, UDFs, Tasks 

  • Application integrations  

Day 5

Security, Administration, & Sharing

Designing security & data management
(Up to 15 people)

  • Circles of security 

  • Regulatory compliance 

  • Access control & Administration 

  • Sharing data from the platform  

Service Packaging & Pricing

5 DAYS $15,000

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