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Increase visibility, security, and compliance across multi-cloud deployments with Snowflake

Operating in the cloud today requires that you have visibility over all cloud assets, the proper security controls to understand your surface area of attack, and an ability to monitor both internal and external compliance requirements.

Cloud Visibility

  • A single pane of glass for complete visibility and a consistent view across all clouds and cloud assets

  • Better understand where visibility is limited or needs improvement

  • Gain insight into overall cloud costs and spend

Cloud Security

  • Understand the surface area of attack and assess indicators of compromise across your cloud infrastructure

  • Alert Monitoring providing collection, filtering, and analysis of diverse security datasets for event detection

Cloud Compliance

  • Monitor against internal and external regulatory requirements, track improvement over time, and identify areas requiring additional training or automation

  • Tracking potential surface area of attack to prevent further attacks and integrate with policy systems

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"We worked with Hashmap to deploy a Security Analytics solution on Snowflake that provided immediate business value to the Yapta security team and was accomplished with a unique mentoring and joint hands-on approach that enabled us to take full ownership of the solution."

Brandon Evans, Chief Technology Officer


IoT on Tap | Episode 21


SnowAlert! Security on a SaaS Data Warehouse with Special Guest Omer Singer from Snowflake

Omer Singer from Snowflake joins the IoT on Tap crew to discuss SnowAlert, the open source security framework that Snowflake uses internally to assess and action security issues. We also discuss how it is being extended with additional intelligence, and the future of vulnerability data sharing.

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Quick Start Accelerator Services Package

Our Security Analytics Services Quick Start Accelerator collaboratively guide you to achieving a better understanding of cloud visibility, security, and compliance with Snowflake.

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Cloud providers are providing an opinionated view of security for their own platform making it difficult to get a consistent view across all cloud providers, plus SaaS providers typically make it very difficult to understand security and access risks. It's left to you to identify potential threats to your cloud infrastructure and try to lock down assets before they are compromised. Most existing security solutions were not built for the cloud, are not able to adapt to the dynamic nature of the cloud, and can be extremely costly and challenging to deploy at cloud scale. 

What WE DO and  How WE HELP

Services & Solution Approach

We work with you to deploy a cloud-native single pane of glass solution delivered as a consulting services offering to monitor your cloud infrastructure with Snowflake. The Snowflake SnowAlert project provides a collection of SQL commands and automated data harvesting scripts designed to let you efficiently ingest data from multiple cloud environments into the Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse for security analytics.  It also provides policy enforcement and alerting to improve the security, compliance, and affordability of your cloud infrastructure.

Services and Solution Impact

The overall approach increases visibility into the potential surface area of attack and cloud configurations that are not within compliance while also reducing false positives that your SecOps team has to deal with by understanding more than what just the cloud provider is logging. You will also see a reduction in manual activities by automating compliance and security monitoring.

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"Working directly with Hashmap to implement their best practices pattern saved us a ton of time to get everything up and running. Hashmap took the time to explain how the pattern worked, giving us the confidence to extend the pattern ourselves. We would definitely work with Hashmap again!"

Mark Grube, Site Reliability Engineer




  • Complete cloud asset inventory

  • Enforce tagging policies

  • Detect wide-open access

  • Investigate user activity

  • Detect connections to IOCs

  • Detect logins by terminated employees

  • Autonomy of app dev / feature teams

  • Single pane of glass monitoring for internal/external compliance reporting

  • Detect admin logins without MFA

  • Automatic detection of multiple access denied access events for management activities

  • Detection of modification to logging

  • Detection of unknown processes installed on machines

  • Detection of unknown processes running on machines

  • Investigation of security threats

  • and many more

VIDEO: Hashmap's Story of Using Snowflake for Security Monitoring and Analytics


Executive Dashboard

Dashboard - Overview.png


Violations Investigation

Dashboard - Violations Investigation.png


User Activity Investigation

Dashboard - User Activity Investigation.

This is Why You Should Use Snowflake for Security Analytics

The unique features in Snowflake that allow for simple data pipelines, and controlled sharing (both incoming and outgoing), truly create an impressive replacement option that is both powerful and cost conscious.

Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse

 Data Driven Security Analytics with SnowAlert

This is Worth Trying Out ! An Open Source Project for Security Analytics with Snowflake


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Let us know how we can help assist in your security analytics initiatives. 

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