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Migration from a SQL Data Lake on Hadoop and Hive to Snowflake on AWS with Tableau and Attunity

  • Replication of the current Apache Hive ingest into Snowflake 

  • Demonstrate the usability of Snowflake data from a SQL perspective 

  • Demonstrate the usability of Snowflake from a Tableau consumption perspective 

  • Showcase a Databricks Spark data pipeline flow into Snowflake

  • Ultimately, develop a clear feel for how Snowflake can replace the current HDP Hive infrastructure and associated costs

  • Hands-on demonstrations and mini-POCs across a variety of dimensions showcasing Snowflake features and capabilities

  • Data loading of table extracts

  • Cloned tables, staged stables, connected via JDBC and via Tableau

  • Connected and demonstrated Databricks functionality

  • Knowledge transfer

  • Built several views

  • Demonstrated Snowpipe

  • Reviewed best practices and guidelines

  • Provided documentation

  • Completed the Snowflake functional POC testing and review and closed all outstanding questions and concerns

  • Assisted in enabling the client to move forward with business and technical approval for Snowflake

  • For the full migration, provided data engineering and architecture services including data acquisition (bulk load and incremental load), data transformation, data persistence, and data consumption.

  • Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse

  • Databricks Spark

  • AWS

  • Hashmap Consulting Services: Snowflake and Databricks POC Enablement Services, Hashmap Migration Services (Data Engineering and Data Architecture)

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