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Hadoop to Snowflake

We understand the business and technology challenges of migrating and modernizing from CDH, HDP, and MapR and will help you optimize for maximum value.

Are you asking (or being asked) these questions...

  1. How can I move to the cloud and retire CDP, HDP, or MapR?

  2. What value am I really getting from my Hadoop platform?

  3. What are my options for simplification, sustainability, and self service? 

  4. Why does it take so long to get new data products delivered?

  5. How can my operations, engineering, and infrastructure overhead be reduced?

  6. Will I ever be able to create an enjoyable data consumption model?


Global Connected Products Provider

Cloud Migration of an Hadoop Data Warehouse to Snowflake


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Modernizing and Migrating a Traditional Hadoop Data Platform to the Cloud 

Convenience Store


Cloud & Data Modernization Enabling Customer 360, Loyalty & Merchandising Analytics


Independent Upstream Oil & Gas

Migration from Hadoop and Rapid Deployment of an “All in 1 Dataset” with Snowflake in Azure

Hashmap on Tap | Episode 30

Making the Move: Hadoop to the Cloud

Kelly Kohlleffel and Randy Pitcher discuss their first experiences working with Hadoop, why it can be challenging for non-software engineering companies to work with, and advice for those interested in getting started with a cloud data warehouse.

"We continue to partner closely with Hashmap to provide targeted data and cloud architecture and engineering expertise and they have helped make our move to Snowflake's Cloud Data Warehouse a great experience all the way around. If you are considering Snowflake or are already a customer, I recommend considering Hashmap as your SI."

Manoj Thomas

Sr Director Information Technology


Modernization and Migration Focus
  • Assessment of Hadoop environment including
    • Existing Use Cases and Patterns
    • Acquisition
    • Pipelining
    • Transformation
    • Persistence and Data Access
    • Consumption
  • Leveraging Snowflake for maximum value
    • Best practices​
    • Established patterns


Warehouse Focus
  • Initial project framework
  • Version control system (Github, Gitlab, or other) setup
  • Warehouse training and design (access, service accounts, object definition)
Advanced Warehouse and Cloud Usage Focus
  • Warehouse deep-dive
  • Warehouse usage and security monitoring


Ingestion and Automation Focus
  • CI deployment (built with a Version Control system or third party such as Travis, Jenkins, ADO, or CircleCI)
  • Git release strategy design (release branches, PR policies, rollback, gitflow, and git training)
  • Extract & Load tool connection to data warehouse (NiFi, Streamsets, Kafka, Fivetran, Stitch, Matillion, Attunity, other utilities)


Transformation and Modeling Focus
  • Test driven development training
  • Data modeling for top use cases
  • Docs deployment
Advanced Warehouse and Cloud Usage Focus
  • Common cloud services overview for integration with data warehouse (streaming, ai/ml, IaC approaches)


Data Science Focus
  • Data science in Snowflake best practices
  • Operationalizing data science pipelines in Snowflake
  • Spark review and options
  • Data Science tooling review and options

- or -

BI Focus
  • BI best practices deep-dive
  • Dashboard development
  • Final documentation and handoff

Quick Start Services Packaging & Pricing Options

3 DAYS $6,000 or 5 DAYS $10,000
Delivered remotely



Interactive, visual exploration of your Snowflake environment



Data Profiler

Statistical analysis of your Snowflake tables for better overall data quality




Planning for your annual Snowflake costs just got easier




Get a personalized report of your overall Snowflake warehouse health

  • Automation and Continuous Integration with Snowflake Using dbt WATCH>

  • Snowflake — What I Learned and Why I’m Rethinking the Data Warehouse READ>

So What Can I Expect When Migrating from Hadoop to Snowflake?

  1. Snowflake just works with near zero day-to-day management

  2. Virtual warehousing and independent compute workloads

  3. A true SaaS experience with all the backend infrastructure handled for you

  4. Instant up/down elasticity and scalability with the required cost controls

  5. Available on-demand pay-by-the-second or as a consumption-based contract

  6. Definitely best of breed - you won’t be disappointed



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