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Snowflake 101

Get to know Snowflake! We provide an interactive, hands-on introduction to Snowflake with a two-hour experience for you and your team to understand key usability features while also discussing best practices to make the most of your Snowflake environment.

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Featured Use Case Study

North American

Telecommunications Provider

Reducing Costs by 90% with Snowflake by Migrating

from Hadoop

Data from 10 Million IoT Devices into the Snowflake Data Cloud.jpeg

Featured Use Case Study

Data from 10 Million IoT Devices into the Snowflake Data Cloud

Error Rates Reduced by 97% and Data Aquisition Costs

Reduced by 77%

Snowflake Snowpark

a Hashmap Perspective

As a long-time Snowflake Partner, we were given early-bird access to Snowpark. In this video, we'll discuss how we're planning to take advantage of its incredible features.

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Interactive, visual exploration of your Snowflake environment



Data Profiler

Statistical analysis of your Snowflake tables for better overall data quality




Planning for your annual Snowflake costs just got easier




Get a personalized report of your overall Snowflake warehouse health

SnowDQ Logo.png

A simplistic and smart approach to performing data quality checks on data that is hosted in Snowflake

SnowCAT Logo only.png

A simple opinionated approach to data-cataloging and data-discovery in Snowflake

5 Compelling Snowflake Customer Metrics You Need to Know

We polled our Snowflake customer base (we've completed 90+ Snowflake projects over the last 3 years) to get a sense of how Snowflake is being used and the value that is being delivered.

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Extracting Facebook Insights via Fivetran & Snowflake


Snowflake Column Level Security


Exploring Snowflake Roles and Snowflake Inspector


The New & Improved Snowflake Estimator


Netezza to Snowflake

Migrate and modernize with reduced risk and reliable outcomes


Exadata to Snowflake

Save money and get prepared for next generation data acceleration

Hadoop to Snowflake1.png

Hadoop to Snowflake

We understand Hadoop and will help you optimize Snowflake for max value


"Over a quick 6 week project, Hashmap partnered with us on a Proof of Technology solution which included Snowflake, Matillion, and dbt orchestrated in AWS. They worked with us to ensure that from design to deployment, the solution would be a best fit for our combination of available skills and planned technologies."

Ajay Bidani, Business Systems Manager


"Hashmap is a solution partner that I can highly recommend as a trusted advisor to help our customers successfully migrate to and adopt Snowflake Cloud Data Platform. I am also very impressed by the quality of the data and cloud content across their blogs, video, and podcasts. Their insight and technical depth can help anyone on their journey to deploy and get business value from Snowflake.”

Kent Graziano, Chief Technical Evangelist & Strategic Advisor

AHTG Logo.png

“Hashmap partnered closely with us to quickly operationalize our data engineering practice using Snowflake and dbt in Azure, greatly accelerating the launch of our data platform. What would have taken months on our own was completed in three weeks - all without sacrificing quality.”

Andy Fritsch

Director Reporting & Analytics


"We continue to partner closely with Hashmap to provide targeted data and cloud architecture and engineering expertise and they have helped make our move to Snowflake's Cloud Data Warehouse a great experience all the way around. If you are considering Snowflake or are already a customer, I recommend considering Hashmap as your SI."

Manoj Thomas

Sr Director IT


"We worked with Hashmap to deploy a Security Analytics solution on Snowflake that provided immediate business value to the Yapta security team and was accomplished with a unique mentoring and joint hands-on approach that enabled us to take full ownership of the solution."

Brandon Kelley

Chief Technology Officer


“Hashmap came highly recommended as the right partner to help us begin our digital transformation journey.  They provided the exact framework and expertise we desired to quickly harness the power of our data by moving to Snowflake’s Cloud Data Warehouse.”

Jeff Huelskamp

App Development Manager


Hashmap on Tap | Episode 82
The SnowCat Show with Venkat Sekar

Venkatesh Sekar, Senior Architect at Hashmap, joins Hashmap on Tap host Kelly Kohlleffel to enjoy some green tea and discuss his most recent addition to Hashmap's suite of open-source Snowflake utilities, SnowCAT - a simple opinionated approach to data-cataloging and data discovery, processed and served end-to-end in Snowflake. Listen in on the conversation to hear why Venkat created SnowCAT and how it is being used today by Snowflake customers.  


Hashmap on Tap | Episode 81
The SnowDQ Show with Venkat Sekar

Hashmap on Tap host, Kelly Kohlleffel, and Venkatesh Sekar, Senior Architect at Hashmap, sip on a green tea and talk about Hashmap's latest open source Snowflake utility, SnowDQ - a simplistic and smart approach to performing data quality checks in Snowflake. Join the conversation to hear why Venkat created SnowDQ and how it's being used.


Hashmap on Tap | Episode 80
The Cloud Data Platform Benchmarking Show with Chinmayee, David, & George

The Hashmap RTE team sits down with Hashmap On Tap host Kelly Kohlleffel to provide a sneak-peek into their recent 2021 Cloud Data Platform Benchmarking and Analysis where they spent 400+ hours comparing Snowflake, AWS Redshift, Azure Synapse, Google BigQuery, & Databricks using the industry-standard TPC-DC dataset. 


Hashmap on Tap | Episode 75
Modernizing in the Snowflake Data Cloud
with Sherwick Min
at Epiq Global

Hashmap on Tap host Kelly Kohlleffel is joined by Sherwick Min from Epiq Global. Sherwick shares his extensive experience in technology along with powerful insights he's gained along the way. The two discuss changing paradigms in how data is shared, considerations for data ownership in a cloud environment, and how SaaS has revolutionized how we look at "leasing" data platforms. 


Hashmap on Tap | Episode 67
Moving from Hadoop to Snowflake with Russ Bartles at Windstream

Chinmayee Lakkad is a data engineer here at Hashmap. Chinmayee shares her best practices for joining large tables in Snowflake, her personal learning strategies, and experiences with data build tool (dbt) and MkDocs. Randy and Chinmayee also discuss Hashmap’s Snowflake Inspector tool.


Hashmap on Tap | Episode 70
The Facebook Insights Show Featuring Fivetran, Snowflake, & Looker

BI Solution Architect, Sergey Gershkovich, shares his thoughts and perspectives on how moving from SAP BW to Snowflake accelerated Hotelbeds’ ability to deliver data products in a way that was not possible previously. Sergey relives the experience through their motivation, application, and the value gained through their journey.


Hashmap Data Migrator

 Move data from on prem to the cloud

hdm Logo White.png

Cloudy Warehouses

A pandas library extension designed for streamlined interaction between Snowflake and pandas DataFrames

Cloudy Warehouses Logo Only_1.png

Cloudy SQL

A Jupyter Magics extension designed for Data Scientists to interact seamlessly with Snowflake

Cloudy SQL Logo Only_2.png


on Tap


Tech &








Let us know how we can help assist in your data, cloud, and analytics initiatives. 

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