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Resident Solution Architect

Accelerating high value, outcome-based data and cloud solutions…and results.


"Good customer experience is not always easy to achieve, but always easy to identify.  Which is why Hashmap is clearly winning in the data analytics consulting space.  From beginning to end, every detail seemed to be planned and orchestrated so that we never lost confidence that we were going to achieve the goals we set for the project."

Harry Hopkins, CIO

How is a Hashmap RSA different?

  • Our focus is speed to value. We help identify and then collaborate on new initiatives, high value outcome alignment, and delivering meaningful results.

  • We maintain vendor neutrality and a bias towards what works while tailoring for your specific organization, skillsets, priorities, and constraints.

  • Our experts guide and advise without the constraints of primary opinionated product or vendor viewpoints across design, discovery, delivery, and deployment.

  • We provide significant leadership across all aspects of data and cloud platforms and pipelines including acquisition, ingestion, transformation, persistence, and consumption.

  • We mentor, coach, and provide hands-on collaboration.

  • We always keep your best interests first and follow 4 key tenants: simple, speedy, sustainable, and self serve.

Where does a Hashmap RSA focus?

  • Cloud and data platform and pipeline design, architecture, and best practices

  • Use case and outcome enablement discovery, technical briefings, tutorials, and workshops

  • Modernization and migration patterns, plans, and proofs of value

  • Acquisition, integration, and automation patterns and templates

  • Continuous integration and deployment, version control, and release strategy

  • Transformation and modeling

  • Production workload optimization

  • Documentation deployment

  • Test driven development mentorship

  • Advanced data platform optimization and usage

  • Cost monitoring and control

  • Consumption strategy and best practices

  • Short term and long term automation and improvement opportunities

  • Cloud service and product advocacy across our technology partner community

How should we work with an RSA?

  • Your RSA is an extension of your team and a primary point of contact across vendors and partners for your data and cloud solutions.

  • Your RSA is dedicated to your account either half time (20 hours per week) or full time (40 hours per week) and is packaged as a one-time fixed fee for 6 months or 12 months.

  • During the pandemic crisis, all RSA engagement is performed remotely, but in the future onsite visits would be available.



Let us know how we can help assist in your data, cloud, and analytics initiatives. 

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