Cloud & Data Modernization Enabling Customer 360, Loyalty Analytics, and Merchandising Analytics

  • Simplify and increase analytics velocity from the previous Hadoop Data Warehouse environment

  • Replicate the existing Hive environment to the cloud in AWS and Snowflake while keeping the data pipelines sustainable and minimizing rework

  • Increase the level of SQL usability via to match with the existing skillsets

  • Provide end user self service consumption via Tableau 

  • Lower overall costs for the data platform and services

  • Provided initial technical assessment and justification for enabling both a business and technical approval for a cloud based service approach for retail analytics including Customer 360, Loyalty, and Merchandising

  • Facilitated a cloud migration and modernization that included data acquisition (one-time bulk load and incremental CDC), data transformation, data persistence, and data consumption

  • Helped in saving significant opex by moving away from a annual contract model to a pay-by-the-second credit based approach with Snowflake

  • Mentoring and coaching during the migration featuring hands-on demonstrations and quick mini-POCs across a variety of dimensions showcasing Snowflake features and capabilities including:

  • Data loading of table extracts

  • Cloned tables, staged stables, connected via JDBC and via Tableau

  • Databricks to Snowflake connector

  • Knowledge transfer

  • Snowpipe ingestion from S3

  • Best practices and guidelines

  • Provided documentation

  • Snowflake 

  • AWS

  • Attunity Replicate

  • Tableau

  • Databricks

  • Hashmap Consulting Services: Assessment, Design, and Architecture Enablement Services, Cloud Modernization and Migration Services, Data Engineering and DataOps Enablement