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Hashmap Recommender

Quickly reduce your option fatigue and narrow your choices down with 10 simple questions by trying out our data and cloud technology recommenders


If you have technology option fatigue, then try the Recommender!

Are you confused or uncertain about the variety of technology choices available? The Recommender will provide you with direction based on your specific requirements with just 10 simple questions.

Available Now!

Data Replication Tools

Cloud Data Warehouses

"Hashmap has condensed a lot of practical wisdom and guidance into this tool!"

George Luft, Manager Data Management & Governance

Knights of Columbus


Hashmap on Tap | Episode 34

Remedying Data & Cloud Technology Option Fatigue with Hashmap Recommender

Kelly Kohlleffel and Randy Pitcher share how they enable clients to find technologies that provide specific outcomes and achieve their goals, how they think about building recommendations for data architecture components, and discuss Hashmap Recommender.

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