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Accelerating ERP Data Replication from On-Prem to the Cloud for Consolidated Reporting, KPIs and Analytics

  • Achieve simplicity, speed, and sustainability for on-prem to the cloud data pipelines from multiple Oracle EBS ERP instances

  • Design, architect, and build a data platform for consolidated reporting, KPI delivery, and analytics and accomodate emerging workloads including data science and data sharing

  • Provide as close to a fully automated and fully managed reference architecture that includes data acquisition, data transformation, data modeling, data compute and storage, and data consumption

  • Executed three complementary tracks to address the challenges presented

  • Reference Architecture Track

    • Facilitated discussions, analysis, and validation for technology and approach selection across all key data and process dimensions​

  • POC Track

    • Data acquisition from Oracle EBS to Snowflake using Fivetran's Oracle EBS connector​

    • Development of business logic using dbt to produce a specific data model 

    • Snowflake to Tableau connectivity for reporting and KPIs

  • Production Implementation Plan Track

    • ​Level of estimate which includes cost, timeline, activities, deliverables, and team plan

  • In a very compressed timeframe, delivered the following:

  • Reference architecture that included full and incremental load approaches, code management and deployment, data acquisition, transformation and dependencies management, data model, security, governance, and consumption for reporting, KPIs, and ongoing analytics

  • Validation and confirmation of cloud services including Fivetran, dbt, Snowflake and Azure 

  • Comprehensive production implementation plan and roadmap 

  • Snowflake

  • Fivetran

  • dbt

  • Azure DevOps

  • ADLS

  • Azure

  • Hashmap Consulting Services: Cloud Data Assessment Design and Architecture, Cloud Data Platform Engineering and Prototyping, Data Integration & Pipelining, Cloud Cost Monitoring & Security

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