Managed Services & Cloud Automation

Optimizing and automating with repeatable architecture patterns, development practices, and templates to extend capabilities across cloud providers, data products, and solutions.  

Managed Services

> Architecture & Design to Operations

> Admin, Provisioning, Monitoring

> Optimization, Tuning, Resolution

> Automate, Alert, Monitoring

> Improvement, Best Practices

> Reporting and Comms

Use Case Profile:

Reducing Cost and Accelerating Time to Value with Data & Analytics Managed Services

Global Manufacturer of Home Products

Hashmap on Tap | Episode 22


Cloud Security with the Co-founder of Privacera, Balaji Ganesan

Balaji Ganesan is the CEO and co-founder of Privacera. Privacera is a cloud security and governance platform that enables IT and data teams to govern and secure their data while simultaneously making data accessible for sharing, collaboration, and analytics. Randy and Balaji discuss leadership, cloud security, and thriving in uncertain times.

Cloud Automation

> Cloud automation and provisioning

> Security authentication & authorization

> CI/CD Automation

> Version Control System Integration

> Solution Governance

> DevOps, DataOps, and MLOps

Use Case Profile:

Using Infrastructure as Code to Provision, Automate, and Manage Services in the Cloud

International Energy Company

Hashmap on Tap | Episode 19


Kubernetes and Cloud Fusion with Banzai Cloud’s Janos Matyas

Janos is the CTO and co-founder at Banzai Cloud, a company on a mission to simplify the development, deployment, and scaling of complex applications and to bring the full power of Kubernetes to developers and enterprises, everywhere. Randy and Janos discuss Banzai Cloud’s Hybrid Cloud Controller (Cloud Fusion), building Banzai Cloud, Apache Kafka, ice hockey, surfing, and Fröccs (Hungarian Wine Spritzers).


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