Shortening Time-to-value and Accelerating Data Insights with Snowflake

  • Reduce the time to deliver key reports, KPI's, and metrics to clients for improved cost savings and better accuracy

  • Mask & secure PII data to avoid data breaches

  • Increase scalability to tackle a wide variety of end customer use cases

  • Design and architect a simple, non-brittle solution that can meet scalability needs and improve cost savings for business and end clients

  • Shortened reporting process from 1 week to less than 1 day

  • Designed, architected and implemented a secure cloud data platform, providing unlimited scalability and elasticity

  • Successfully validated the design, architecture, and approach during the pilot program

  • Secured PII Data and making it easily accessible for authorized users

  • Discover - Worked with key stakeholders, business users, and technical owners to align business outcomes, and develop an overall architecture and solution approach

  • Design - Architected & engineered data storage and compute usage for Snowflake around cost efficiency security, and scalability

  • Develop - Ensured the security and scalability of Snowflake by emphasizing that best practices, role based access, CI/CD, automated auditing, data quality/testing, cost monitoring, multi-tenancy, ELT guidance, and documentation were in place

  • Deliver - Completed a pilot use case for Snowflake and supplied documentation around the architecture as a reference guide for future projects

  • Snowflake

  • Snowpipe

  • Azure

  • Power BI and Thoughtspot

  • Hashmap Consulting Services: 

    • Snowflake Cloud Data Strategy & Advisory

    • Snowflake Cloud Data Design, Engineering, & Architecture

    • Snowflake Optimization & Management