Collaborating to Develop and Deliver a Sustainable and

Cost Effective Cloud Data Platform for Reporting and Analytics

  • Accelerating a modern approach to data and analytics in the cloud and modernization of existing on premise data pipelines and analytics products with limited internal resources

  • Determining best fit solution tools and technologies for both short term wins and long term sustainability

  • Budget and time constraints that require a collaborative approach and customer-inclusive approach across design, architecture, and development 

  • A quick, budget-friendly, 3 week collaborative effort that provided the client with a jump start that “would have taken months doing it on their own” 

  • A modern and cost-effective data pipelines, compute, storage, and data consumption solution

  • Knowledge transfer across multiple dimensions including design, architecture, automation, pros and cons of approaches and alternatives, and environment sustainability

  • Co-design and co-development of a comprehensive data and cloud solution including:

    • Snowflake - optimized design, security, cost reporting, performance/cost, AD integration, and BI integration

    • dbt - transformations, snapshots, updates, data quality testing, data cleansing, versioning

    • Azure DevOps - CI pipeline to test environment and Prod release pipeline

  • Re-use of Hashmap templates and patterns for the following:

    • Data acquisition from REST API sources

    • Data acquisition for semi-structured datasets (CSV, JSON) using Snowpipe for continuous ingestion

    • Transformation processes in dbt when source DDL changes

  • Snowflake

  • dbt

  • Stitch

  • Azure DevOps

  • PowerBI

  • Hashmap Consulting Services including data and analytics modernization, data and cloud design, architecture, and engineering, and cloud automation