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Cloud Acceleration and Automation for Client Onboarding and Data Product Delivery

  • Leverage unique approaches to data and analytics to meet customer demand for healthcare technology services

  • Enable a move from relying on Excel to cloud-based analytics and real time measurement while driving towards actionable data products to support immediate treatments, predictive analytics, and machine learning

  • Eliminate manual processes required for provisioning new clients

  • Designed, architected, and deployed a solution that enables key business measurements, knowledge fields, snapshots, and trend analysis

  • Provided an elastic, scalable solution for on boarding new healthcare clients with a sustainable architecture and automated (and documented) processes

  • Helped transform the internal development culture mindset with the unique scalability and elasticity of Snowflake, transformations in Snowflake with dbt, cloud automation (DevOps and CI/CD processes), as well as overall speed of data product delivery

  • Create a mature, modern data warehouse solution supporting current and future advanced analytics workloads

  • Collaboration, mentoring, and coaching across a number of dimensions including data acquisition from on premise SQL sources, data pipelining and persistence to the cloud, data transformation, and cloud automation to provide sustainability

  • Accelerate solution development through the use of Hashmap’s extensive domain experience in cloud data warehousing combined with existing “blueprints” that emphasize practical, simple approaches that save time and money

  • Snowflake

  • dbt

  • Matillion

  • AWS Fargate, CloudWatch, S3, Lambda

  • Docker

  • Hashmap Consulting Services including digital enablement and strategy, data and cloud design, architecture, and engineering, and cloud automation

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