Designing and deploying a cloud-based global product data solution

  • Consolidating multiple data sources to drive business performance, targeted growth and data-driven decision-making across business units

  • Gaining an actionable understanding of spend, product movement, pricing models , historical trends, and product aggregation opportunities by market 

  • Delivering a single source of truth for product data

  • Provide insights to customers globally on product mix 

  • Connect, map, transform, and enrich key data sources across products

  • Build out analytics models and visualizations that can be delivered in a simple, easy-to-consume way with current BI tools

  • Ensuring that data is a first-class citizen in the business process and is curated for high levels of trust

  • Iterative data flow and data modeling including source data ingestion, data transformation, data persistence, and data consumption globally across all products

  • Global, single source of truth facilitating a wide range of product analytics and reporting including ad-hoc and on-demand self service across buy/sell, external data factors, and the global supply chain

  • Rapid, targeted, and effective investment decisions and market event pivoting 

  • Visibility and insights to help manage the global product set and provide comparisons  across markets and throughout the supply chain

  • Comprehensive cloud data platform for product data analytics and reporting 

  • Snowflake 

  • Microsoft Azure

  • Azure DevOps

  • Oracle

  • Matillion

  • IBM Datastage

  • Hashmap Consulting Services: Cloud Data Architecture, Data Warehouse Engineering, Data Integration & Pipelining, Product Data Platform Solution Enablement