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Optimizing Digital Marketing Spend for Maximum Effectiveness

  • Identify new growth and spend opportunities and maximize revenue across all channels while contextualizing multiple data sources to drive campaign performance and targeted growth

  • Acquire net new customers using the most efficient, cost effective, and scalable digital marketing channels

  • Deliver cloud-based digital marketing datasets in a simple, speedy, sustainable, and self serve way

  • Optimize and curate the data pipelines and data model to optimize the paid search spend 

  • Deliver agility, speed, and high quality data for retargeted advertising purposes

  • Provide insight into the attribution and conversion cycle with data driven metrics

  • Green field design and architecture from data sources to cloud target

  • Connect to and transform multiple cloud-based marketing data sources via Fivetran and dbt into Snowflake for a single harmonized approach to analytics and reporting

  • Iterative data flow and data modeling including source data ingestion, data transformation, data persistence, and data consumption

  • Guide the analytics team in developing representative showcase dashboards for digital marketing metrics driven from the cloud-based solution

  • Rapid, targeted, and effective digital marketing spend decisions that help with new customer conversions

  • High value data-driven marketing metrics spanning key timeframes, performance, geos, campaigns, and measures such as costs per click and media type, click thru rate, keyword categories, customer conversion, etc.

  • Visibility into campaign spend, performance, internal and industry benchmarks, etc.

  • Comprehensive cloud data warehouse and data pipelines for digital marketing analytics and reporting that allows the marketing team to spend the majority of their time generating insights instead of dealing with siloed data issues

  • Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse in Azure

  • Fivetran (using a range of Data Connectors for Digital Marketing data sources)

  • dbt

  • Azure Functions

  • Microsoft Azure Cloud

  • Hashmap Consulting Services: Cloud Data Architecture & Design, Data Warehouse Engineering, Data Integration & Pipelining, Cloud Cost Monitoring & Security, Digital Marketing Analytics and Reporting Solution Enablement

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