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Hashmap can help assist in your healthcare data and cloud initiatives


Snowflake Data Cloud Services for Healthcare 

brought to you by our parent company, NTT DATA Services

  • Health Plan Business Insights Engine Powered by Snowflake:

Modernize your enterprise data warehouse in half the time and cost while accelerating patient and member experiences and driving rapid innovation.

  • Healthcare Data Bank as a Service & Chronic Disease Predictive Analytics:

Develop and train advanced analytics models on a robust patient data set using an AI-powered healthcare care management system.

  • Patient Experience Personalization & Digital Transformation Maturity Assessment:

Optimize your patient experience and engagement by harnessing existing data and processes through an innovative centralized provider platform.

Snowflake Snowpark Demo:
HL7 Processing & Transformation

Parsing HL7 Messages (Unstructured data) in Snowflake Python Using Snowpark

Hashmap's David Hrncir breaks down parsing HL7 (unstructured data) in Snowflake Python using Snowpark. He'll cover Snowpark Python use cases, advantages, and key differences as well as an overview of HL7 in Healthcare. David will then walk you through a Snowflake Snowpark Demo with HL7 Processing & Transformation for Patient 360.

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"Good customer experience is not always easy to achieve, but always easy to identify. This is why Hashmap is clearly winning in the data analytics consulting space. From beginning to end, every detail seemed to be planned and orchestrated so that we never lost confidence that we were going to achieve the goals we set for the project."

- Harry Hopkins, CIO

U.S. Healthcare Workforce Solutions:
Use Case Profile

Collaborating to Develop and Deliver a Sustainable and

Cost-Effective Cloud Data Platform for Reporting and Analytics



U.S. Healthcare Workforce Solutions:
Use Case Profile

Collaborating to Develop and Deliver a Sustainable and

Cost-Effective Cloud Data Platform for Reporting and Analytics


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“Hashmap partnered closely with us to quickly operationalize our data engineering practice using Snowflake and dbt in Azure, greatly accelerating the launch of our data platform. What would have taken months on our own was completed in three weeks - all without sacrificing quality.”

Andy Fritsch

Director Reporting and Analytics

We can help with your Healthcare Data, Cloud, & Analytics Initiatives

  • Data & Cloud Consulting:

Strategy, Assessments, Workshops, & Enablement

  • Data & Cloud Implementation Services:

Data Engineering, Data Warehousing, On-Prem to Cloud, & Data Lakes

  • Data-driven Solutions:

Cloud Modernization, Data-Driven Solutions, Analytics & Reporting, & Data Science & AI

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Quick Start Accelerator Services Package
  • Are you able to monitor, track, and take proactive action on your cloud costs?

  • How do you know that you're not just burning cash in your cloud accounts?

  • How do you automate the delivery of cost insights to the team?

  • How can you prevent surprise charges in the cloud?

Using Data for Impact in Healthcare

In the healthcare industry, data is vital. Sanjay Joshi, Vice President of Product, and Software and Data Engineering in the healthcare industry, joined Hashmap on Tap host, Kelly Kohlleffel for a home-brewed tea to discuss data management, data security, and cloud data platforms in healthcare.



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Let us know how we can help assist in your data, cloud, and analytics initiatives. 

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