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Accelerating Speed to Insight with Snowflake & dbt

  • Migrate and modernize to the cloud for faster insights for financial and operational data 

  • Accelerate data transformation by switching from an ETL to ELT approach

  • Query response time & data access

  • Cloud data platform implementation 

  • Scalability, simplicity, and savings

  • Simple, speedy, scalable, and cost effective cloud data platform

  • Automated CI pipelines so that data could be refreshed up to 8 times a day

  • Easier access to data

  • Faster query response times

  • Reporting/analytics for financial & operational data

  • Automation & optimization

  • ELT data pipelines

  • Discover - Assessed current architecture to develop an overall solution approach for a modern data stack on top of Snowflake

  • Design - Proposed a new data model for the business use case by  designing a leading-edge ELT pipeline leveraging dbt & Gitlab 

  • Develop - Employed data models and configured dbt to orchestrate the data pipeline in dbt cloud

  • Deliver - Tested and validated outcomes, documented solution, and scheduled knowledge transfer sessions with client to share best practices

  • Snowflake

  • dbt

  • Azure

  • Gitlab

  • Hashmap Consulting Services 

    • Snowflake and dbt Cloud Data Strategy & Advisory

    • Snowflake and dbt Cloud Data Design, Engineering, & Architecture

    • dbt Optimization & Management

    • dbt Quick Start Accelerator Services

    • dbt CI/CD Services