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Enabling Digital Marketing Analytics and an Omni-channel View of the Customer in the Cloud

  • Better visibility into digital marketing effectiveness for customers across the supply chain and distribution network

  • Personalized engagements (messaging and offers) and an overall better brand experience

  • Single source of truth across multiple data sources that are both on premise (SAP) and cloud based (digital marketing)

  • Consolidation and analysis of all digital marketing data across siloed systems for an omnichannel view of the customer 

  • Move to cloud native solutions that are aligned with key data sources and a geographically distributed user base

  • Push solution infrastructure “management” to the cloud partners and vendors vs doing it internally

  • Set of end to end patterns and data pipelines for facilitating digital marketing analytics, reporting, and data consolidation in the cloud

  • Hands-on mentoring and coaching across a range of cloud architectural topics

  • Provided the foundation for security and cost monitoring in the cloud

  • CI/CD enablement for sustainable and self serve data pipelines and processes

  • Snowflake

  • Azure Data Factory

  • Fivetran

  • Qlik Replicate

  • SAP & SAP Hana

  • Salesforce, Pardot, LinkedIn, Google

  • Azure Blob Store and ADLS

  • Azure DevOps

  • PowerBI and Tableau

  • Hashmap Consulting Services: Cloud Data Strategy & Advisory, Cloud Data Design & Architecture, Cloud Data Migration, Data Engineering, Data Transformation, DevOps, and Data Pipelining

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