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Data Governance

Why is the market shifting to modern approaches to data governance? Am I ready?


5 Reasons Why I’m Paying Attention to Data Governance (and You Should Be, Too)

Avoid reaching your “tipping point” by using modern approaches and technology to revisit this topic today.



When it comes to data engineering, specifically data governance, it’s critical to stay on top of change, whether that’s a new approach, architecture, technology, etc.

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#101 Core Tenets of a Modern Data Workspace with Prukalpa, Atlan Co-Founder

On this episode of Hashmap on Tap, host Kelly Kohlleffel is joined by Prukalpa. Prukalpa is Co-Founder at Atlan, a modern collaborative data workspace that is helping a diverse set of data users in multiple areas including data discovery, data cataloging, data quality and profiling, data lineage and governance, plus some other great capabilities.


Where Data Governance Provides Value

Any company that wants to gain the most value from its data knows that Data Governance is the backbone of any enterprise architecture. 

[ Compliance ]

 Data governance programs keep your data in compliance with regulatory requirements.

[ Harmonizing ]

It ensures developers, database administrations, end-users, and data stewards are on the same page by providing standard definitions.

[ Consistent Analysis ]

Data governance allows 1:1 comparison with consistent values to be reviewed for analysis.

[ Faster Development ]

Data governance provides standard definitions, models, and the infrastructure for extreme development. Without adding data elements, applications can be built quickly and start delivering value faster.

[ Data Management ]

Data governance ensure prioritization with an enterprise view and allows reduction in costs through elimination of duplicate efforts.

[ Security ]

Data governance ensures the right people have the right amount of access to data without blocking teams from accessing what they need to mobilize their efforts.

[ Better Data Quality ]

By clearly defining roles and processes, data governance provides consistent data that empowers users to get the most value from their data.

Want to know more about how modern-day data governance practices can provide more value from your data?


Are These 4 Companies on Your Radar for Data Governance?

An inside look at how Monte Carlo, Atlan, Castor, and dbt Labs (and more!) landed on my personal radar for data governance solutions.



Since the days of “just collecting data” are long gone, everyone is ultimately chasing both usability and trust in their data products and services. At the same time, everyone is looking to simplify the process so they can shorten the window of time to get there.


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