Engaging in the Hashmap Community as a Vendor

A key differentiator for the Hashmap Slack Community is the fact that we don’t resell any technologies. Hashmap is a vendor-neutral systems integrator. To be specific, we partner on everything from cloud and data assessments, migrations and modernizations, data architecture and engineering, data pipelining, automation and optimization, CI/CD, etc… Basically, everything we do is open-sourced and made available to the public. Ultimately, the purpose of this community is to provide a helpful avenue in which anyone working in the technology space can find answers to relevant questions, troubleshoot, share solutions, discover new technologies, network, build new open-source tools, and implement best practices.

As a member of the community and Hashmap partner/vendor, we encourage you to share your expertise in tooling, analytics, etc. Our members are interested in discovering and discussing innovative solutions and tools. Don’t push sales pitches. Instead, offer value and expect nothing in return.

Our community extends well beyond slack. We are constantly producing blogs, videos, and podcasts.

Dos & Don'ts for the Hashmap Community




  • Read the Code of Conduct

  • Update your profile! Upload a picture of yourself and add your company in your name (i.e. “John (Data Company)” Make sure that your company name is included in your profile so that the community members understand that you work for a vendor.

  • Introduce yourself in #introductions. Tell us about yourself!

  • Do not use a corporate voice. Try and speak as an individual member of the community and be helpful.

  • Join in all conversations that interest you. You are not limited to your products or services, feel free to have a (friendly) debate. You are not solely limited to your company’s products or services.

  • Post with Intention. Feel free to share a link or product update if it is appropriate given the context.

  • Ask yourself “Is this helpful to the community?” Share relevant information and knowledge that members would want to repost and use as a guide for their current workflow.

  • Share Technical information. This is a community for people to share “how-to’s” “examples”, “code” etc…

  • Share Posts. Share links to posts for internal training whether it is your own or someone else’s.



  • Don't 1:1 outbound in the community. Only initiate DM’s if you have explicitly received active confirmation in a public channel that a DM is welcome.

  • Don’t be anonymous. Identify yourself clearly. This will help you build empathy and form genuine relationships with community members.

  • Don't spam channels with Marketing Material. Share materials when they are relevant and needed.

  • Do not post without context. Posts that are genuinely helpful will add value to the community.


As our community grows, all help answering questions is greatly appreciated. If a member puts great effort into asking a question, please pay it forward by crafting a high-quality answer. Try to solve the actual problem (this may not be the same as the problem the user is asking about), demonstrate empathy, explain the why behind your solution or answer, and take the opportunity to teach. Sharing snippets of code and screenshots will help immensely.


This community is designed to create a knowledge base/loop. It is intended for building genuine, lasting connections. Most vendors will find success by leading with this intention. Ultimately, go out of your way to promote and respond to community members as an individual rather than a company.


Big thanks to dbt & Geek Feminism, 01.org, Tizen.org,  for much of the structure and wording in this code of conduct.


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