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Cloud Data Platform Benchmark Analysis

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The Benchmark Results Are In

For second consecutive year, Hashmap, an NTT DATA Company, has conducted a rigorous and exhaustive benchmarking analysis focused on the warehouse workload capabilities of today’s leading Cloud Data Platforms. Leaning on a reputation for vendor-neutrality and using a well-defined rubrik, this report clearly lays out the results and ranks the platforms across the areas of usability, technicality, and business impact. The full report is based on:


400 hours of analysis


33 reviewed dimensions


Stress performance tests


Testing/platform costs


10TB dataset model


0-5 grading system

The Findings

Out of a max possible score of 165, five major platforms were systematically reviewed for:

Usability: Simplicity/Self Serve | True SaaS | Structured Data Support | Low/No Mgmt … plus

Technicality: Architecture | Security | Elasticity | SQL Compatibility | Data Sharing … plus

Business Impact: Cost Controls | Roadmap | Enterprise Deployments | OEM Network …plus

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The Data Platform Landscape: What You Should Know

Data technologies have evolved quickly. Today’s companies are looking to close out their legacy technologies and migrate their data to the cloud to create that “single source of truth.” And the move is only accelerating. In fact, the Cloud Data Platform space is expected to grow from $3.5B in 2021 to $15.3B in 2026 at a CAGR of 34.6% over those five years (MarketsandMarkets 2021). That, of course, makes sense as regulatory scrutiny, improved customer satisfaction and growing security concerns only increase. It’s interesting to note that the enterprise segment is expected to hold a larger market share in the customer data platform space due to the affordability and acceptance of emerging technologies, paired with the demonstrated ability of cloud-based solutions and services to improve business performance and enhance productivity.

For years, the challenge has been deriving insights from the various sources that collect data. This is why cloud data platforms have completely revolutionized the technology space. The ability for a business to consolidate all of its data across the entire organization into a single platform for analysis is unparalleled. But today’s market leaders have seen that the need is deeper than a “one-and-done” migration; the need is for continual digital transformation. Today’s cloud data platform is required to be much more than just a cloud data platform.

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Decisions around offloading, simplifying, optimizing, and innovating must come with an understanding of data dependencies and follow a defined strategy and roadmap. Ultimately, the goal should always be to create a continuous flow from 

Data Acquisition

Data Curation

Data Insights

With so much noise in the space, the main challenge is determining which cloud data platform may be right for you. That’s where the 2021 Cloud Data Platform Benchmark Analysis can help. 


If You’re the Kind of Company That Drives Results, This Will Matter to You

For many growing businesses, data platform migration is a matter of when not if. Ultimately, it comes down to finding the platform that can deliver quicker business outcomes and higher value in a sustainable service. Through the course of hundreds of data/cloud projects, Hashmap has identified a struggle for technology to deliver outcomes. If you’re the kind of company that resonates with these challenges, evaluating the full report will matter to you:

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  • It’s taking way too long to acquire, transform and make data consumable to my end users

  • It’s difficult to keep platforms up and running

  • I’m not getting value for the money I’m spending

  • I need help migrating to the cloud

  • I need to understand cloud modernization and how to achieve it

  • I need to understand new tools I’m unfamiliar with

What Now?

It’s clear that the need for data migration is accelerating and you are probably realizing that you must accelerate your pace of change too. This analysis provides a solid framework to evaluate players and begin making business decisions. This report offers a comprehensive analysis of the benefits and risks of each platform, an understanding of total operational cost, and the sweet spots of each platform. Next, you’ll need a partner who listens to you and learns what matters - understands your constraints, culture, and pace of change to take neutral findings, and help you arrive at a decision and platform that’s most right for you. We offer you the independent guidance and practical hands-on data expertise that can deliver value wherever you are in this process:

For Those Exploring

We help refine your strategy and sift through the options, outcomes, and risks through:


  • Migrate and Modernize Workshop 

  • CDW Analysis and Benchmarking

  • Use Case Enablement Workshop

  • Data Integration Workshop

For Those with and Established Vision

Modernize and migrate your approach to building new data products and delivering data services:


  • Data/Cloud Migrations and Modernization

  • DataOps and DevOps Enablement

  • Data Science Operationalization

  • Joint Business Outcome Development

For Those Looking to Expand, Accelerate, and Grow

Reduce your data product and service backlog and start delivering more outcomes: 


  • Joint Business Outcome Development

  • Cloud Cost Monitoring

  • Multi-cloud DevOps

  • Data Observability and Reliability

  • Security Assessment and Review

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Why Hashmap?

Since 2012, Hashmap has been producing vendor-neutral technology recommendations and delivering consulting services that make data technology platforms work the first time. Look for passionate architects, engineers and technologists who believe strongly in:

Quick, high-value wins

Keeping it simple

Sustainable solutions

Working collaboratively

What are you waiting for?

Take a deeper dive into our Cloud Data Platform Benchmark Analysis, find out the results, and start a conversation around your specific use case today.

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