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Use Case &

Outcome Enablement Workshop


Understanding - Collaboration - Strategy - Roadmap - Architecture

Sometimes it's helpful to start with a Use Case & Outcome Enablement Workshop to identify a set of outcomes and use cases that we can assist in delivering. We facilitate and work with you to review, assess, and prioritize business requirements, use cases, and outcomes as well as a providing a framework for a technical architecture and overall solution approach. The focus is on facilitating the identification of needs/wants/issues and associated use cases and then prioritizing the use cases in a value/risk matrix, and determining the solution architecture approach that fits in with your existing operational and information systems.

Hashmap Use Case & Outcome Enablement Workshop


Program Key Stakeholders (Business & IT)


1/2 day (for SOW development) and up to 1-2 days remote or onsite and 2-3 days remote (paid workshop engagement with additional deliverables)


DISCOVER, DESIGN, DEVELOP, DELIVER with an outcome-based focus

Facilitate discussion and documentation of…

  • Business Value

  • Solution Architecture

  • Sustainability

  • Timeline/Horizons


Provide deliverables that…

  • Demonstrate business alignment

  • Outline initiatives, priorities, and time horizons

  • Highlight expected value

Onsite Agenda

  • Business Context – Detailed wants/needs/issues, use case review and success criteria

  • Architecture Review

  • Cloud Enablement Review

  • Sustainability Discussion

  • Program/Project Time Horizons and Enabling Roadmap

  • Confirmation / Final Risk Identification / Deliverables Discussion / Wrap up


  • 1/2 Day Workshop

    • Statement of Work

  • 1-2 days offsite (or onsite) and 2-3 days offsite Assessment Workshop

    • Business Value Matrix and Detail for Specific Use Cases

    • Conceptual Architecture and program/project horizon mapping

    • Recommendations and Go-Forward Plan

Key Dimensions Reviewed in the Business Context Segment

  • Organizational Effect

  • Business Impact

  • Priority and Urgency

  • Expected Time to Deliver

  • Risks

  • Innovation or Cost Savings Focus and Impact

  • User Population and Consumption Patterns

  • Capability Assessment and Review

  • Datasets

  • Other Dependencies

  • Technologies/Tools in use/planned/vision

  • ML/AI requirements

  • Analytics and visualization requirements


  • 3 Day Duration: $6,000

  • 5 Day Duration: $10,000

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