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About Us

The Story of Hashmap

We started Hashmap in 2012 with one mission in mind: To focus exclusively on creating solutions and customer value around data. Our singular focus has enabled us to lay deep roots in the community and forge strong relationships with our customers and technology partners.

As the market has continued to mature, we now deliver solutions across the ever-expanding data ecosystem as well as accelerate our clients' entry into and leverage of data-driven cloud solutions and AI applications.

We live for the most interesting and difficult data challenges.

Our Co-Founder, Preetpal Singh, shares the story of how Hashmap started on Episode 26 of Hashmap on Tap. 

Who We


Over the years, we’ve gathered a group of unique, passionate and highly experienced professionals around the world who strive to inspire and be inspired by others while building and delivering industry-leading data-driven and cloud-based solutions.

We are architects, engineers, and technologists who believe strongly in quick, high-value wins, keeping it simple, sustainable solutions, and working collaboratively with our clients.

We are equally comfortable presenting in the board room of a Fortune 500 or chatting about a technical approach on a shared Slack channel with a startup. In either case, we are focused on delivering world-class solutions and services.



Passion – We have a genuine interest and enthusiasm for Data, Cloud, IoT/IIoT, AI/ML solutions and technology.

Empowerment – We can pursue, develop, and bring to market self-motivated initiatives and projects.


Innovation – We always seek to innovate with a business outcome focus. 

Technical Excellence – We are the best at what we do, and always learning more.

Collaboration – We work together as one team with our peers, our clients, and our partners.

Dependability – We do what we say.


Hashmap on Tap | Episode 26

Innovation, Squash, and Matcha Tea with Hashmap Co-Founder, Preetpal Singh

Hashmap co-founder, Preetpal Singh, shares with Kelly Kohlleffel how Hashmap was founded, origins of the company name, entrepreneurship and leadership, thoughts on innovation and creativity, and the game of Squash.


Get Started With Us

Let us know how we can help assist in your data, cloud, and analytics initiatives. 

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