Overview and Practices

Driven by a clear and singular focus on Hadoop, Hashmap aligns to seven key practices. Each practice area maintains a lead architect and a team of experienced consultants to serve the needs of clients at any point in the Hadoop Journey:

  • Data Science and Spark – due to its incredible speed and flexibility, Spark is quickly becoming the king of the Big Data tools. Our Data Science teams (on-shore and off-shore) have a combined 22 years of experience in Data Science and Spark.

  • NoSQL – with the opportunity to store all types of structured and unstructured datasets, NotOnlySQL (NoSQL) has taken off of as the standard storage platform on Hadoop. Our NoSQL team focuses on providing strategy and implementation around non-standard data sources like key-value, wide column, graph, or document.

  • Data Virtualization – with the need for many Big Data initiatives to bring together federated data sources into a single place, Hashmap has a team focused on tools such as Composite and Informatica.

  • Platform and Strategy – much like a house needing to be built on a solid foundation, all Hadoop implementations must start with a strong platform and architectural plan. Hashmap has a strong team focused exclusively on ideation and strategy, infrastructure (cloud, on-prem, and hybrid), security, and performance.

  • Business Intelligence and Analytics – Big Data only provides value if it is intelligible and useful. We work with a range of BI and Data Visualization tools to help you make sense of your data.

  • ETL and Batch Data Movement – our ETL team focuses on using proprietary(ex: Informatica) and open-source (ex: Flume, Sqoop) the flow of data in and out of your Hadoop cluster.

  • Data Streaming, Real-Time Ingestion, and IoT – Hashmap has been working closely with the Apache real-time data ingestion toolset (Storm/Kafka) for over 2 years in a multitude of different environments. We are also working closely with the Apache NiFi team and the Hortonworks Data Flow offering to deliver a range ofInternet of Things (IoT) initiatives.


Hashmap provides consulting services around all things Hadoop. Our offerings are broken down into the following areas:

Big Data Strategy and Advisory Services – Hashmap has a team of seasoned platform architects that specialize in helping customers better understand the value of their data assets and plan their Big Data projects. We have a range of offerings around strategy quick starts, proof-of-concepts, and ideation.

Consulting – as a company, Hashmap is focused on providing best-of-breed consulting services in all Big Data areas. Our teams can provide services around planning, installation, and configuration of all Apache Hadoop products.

Managed Services – many organizations struggle with the ability to manage their Hadoop clusters after the initial implementation. Hashmap has multiple options for off-site management of clusters.

Accelerators – our team at HashmapLabs has created a set of pre-packaged accelerators to help you see quicker time-to-value in your Big Data projects. For example:

  • Data ingestion accelerator

  • IOT platform

  • Log aggregation and analysis accelerator

  • Analytics accelerator

  • Content management accelerator

  • Entity management/Graph accelerator

  • Mainframe (VSAM) extractor etc…

  • Tempus - A time series accelerator